Trail Mix

Talking fit, feel, style & tech in the outdoor sock market.

Darn Tough Vermont’s Women’s Hiker Micro Crew Midweight with Cushion, $23, is built to to deliver durability and fit for the hiker who demands more from a sock.

Farm To Feet’s Joshua Tree sock, $21, is a lightweight, 3/4 crew made with ultra-soft, 19.5-micron US merino wool on a 200-needle knitting machine and features a full density cushioning foot-bottom.

Balega’s UltraGlide, $16, features a friction-free yarn combined with proprietary Drynamix yarn throughout the sock to minimize the risk of chafing or rub spots.

Thorlos’ First Nation sock line is a collection of performance socks celebrating Native Americans, with 5 percent of profits before expenses going to the American Indian College Fund.

Bridgedale’s Hike Ultra Light T2 sock features a Coolmax blend that wicks moisture away while still being soft to the touch and quick drying. MSRP $19.99 (boot height).

LP Support’s Trail Running Compression socks feature targeted compression to support the calf and the arch, as well as graduated compression. A Beehive Ventilation Structure offers breathability and wicks away heat.

Zensah’s Topography Mini-Crew socks are anti-blister, with a seamless toe. They feature graduated compression for reduced fatigue and faster recovery and have moisture wicking and anti-odor proprietary fabric with silver ions.

Heat Holders’ Merino Wool socks, $30, are warm, cozy, thick and heat-retaining.

CEP Compression’s Commuter Sock includes breathable cotton and lightweight material that makes it easier to put on and take off than other graduated compression products.

Wigwam’s Surpass Lightweight Mid Crew features SynchroKnit construction technology that delivers a non-slip fit by strategically reducing bulk and excess yarn. The sock hugs the details of the foot, cradles the arch and provides just the right amount of room in the toe box.

OS1st’s FS4 Plantar Fasciitis socks and BR4 Bunion Relief socks are both 200 needle construction, seamless and moisture wicking with micro-fiber nylon, silver antimicrobial and a y-gore heel. They are designed to create a blister free, perfect fit. The FS4 Plantar Fasciitis socks incorporate Compression Zone technology to treat and prevent plantar fasciitis. The BR4 is a split-toe sock designed to prevent blistering and callusing by separating the hallux. It also has a bunion pad to help ease pain and prevent friction against the shoe.

FS4 Plantar Fasciitis Socks
Great Sioux Nation Crew
Topography Mini-Crew
Surpass Lightweight Mid Crew
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Merino Wool Sock

“Fit and feel is all-important to the consumer. You can design and build the best performing, most innovative sock ever made, but if the consumer does not feel the difference, you will just be another sock on the rack.”

Tanya Pictor, Balega

“We are challenging our customers to imagine what they don’t need in a sock. Less bulk means a more precise fit. A more precise fit leads to enhanced performance.”

Tom Wheeler, Wigwam

“Consumers are engaged with trying a variety of activities and this is driving a philosophy of core products that are minimal and versatile that can shift easily from urban to outdoor spaces. We believe the best way to deliver this is to link performance materials and technical features within a minimalist style that bridges the crossover.”

Jenny Knapp, Darn Tough Vermont

“We are seeing more people using socks that were initially designed for a specific activity for everyday use or other activities… From the start, we have designed socks that are as aesthetically interesting as they are performance driven.”

Dane Nester, Farm to Feet