January 2020

Go Everywhere

Outdoor brands have doubled down on the trail-to-tavern ethos for Fall ’20

The shoes we want right now? They’re the ones that do it all. Boots that keep up on the trail and look at home on a night out. Trail runners that bring you up the mountain and through town. Shoes that make life easier, more comfortable and more fun no matter what the day has in store.
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State of the Market

What to Expect
in 2020

The New Year is always a fresh start, but 2020 is a whole new ballgame. The start of a new decade, 2020 sees major issues like climate change, retail realignment, shifting trends and technological innovation driving the market. Read the full story.


Rapid Fire with JackRabbit’s Bill Kirkendall

Bill Kirkendall, CEO of active retailer JackRabbit Sports, is bullish on the specialty channel. The Denver-based group, a division of CriticalPoint Capital, now operates 135 brick-and-mortar shops in 17 states after the October 2019 acquisition of 75 Olympia Sports doors. Read the full story.

Product Spotlight

Running Wild

The fresh crop of Fall ’20 trail running styles are engineered to tackle the toughest terrain (and the pavement on the way) with protective features that don’t sacrifice comfort under and around the foot. Read the full story.

Product Spotlight

Hike Squad

At home in the woods, on the trail, in the snow or even in the city, these Fall ’20 hiking boots are the versatile, protective, durable all-rounders consumers are looking for. Read the full story.

November / December 2019

Work It Out

There’s work (boot) life beyond the construction site

For a large — and growing — group of professionals, what they put on their feet is part of the critical equipment for the day. Whether it’s nurses, chefs, waiters, urban farmers, lawn and garden pros, fishermen or warehouse and delivery drivers, these work shoe and boot wearers are looking for light, durable, protective and stable footwear that makes their job easier. Luckily, brands are ready to deliver.  Read the full story.


On The Job

Lawn and garden workers, delivery drivers, restaurant workers, nurses and doctors are on their feet day in and day out on the job. But these hard-working consumers aren’t looking for a traditional work boot. Read the full story.


Super Supporters

Insole brands are going the extra mile to give extra comfort and stability to those who put their feet to work in everyday life. Read the full story.

Crowd Source

Black Friday Blues? Not Here.

By the middle of November, it’s easy to feel like the holiday shopping season has already been going on forever. “Jingle Bells” playing everywhere you go, snowflakes hanging over the half-price Halloween candy at the drugstore — and more than ever... Read the full story.


Whistle While You Work

There’s more than one way to work, and for nearly a quarter century Whistle Workwear has grown its business by stocking the right product for all the different industries that call the Pacific Northwest area home. Read the full story.


Getting Out

Parents shopping for kids shoes bring a checklist — they’re looking for styles that will stand up to playground antics, keep little feet protected in all conditions and needs the day can bring, and, of course, look totally on trend. Read the full story.


Covering the Bases

The fifth-generation owners of Beck’s Shoes have four rules for selling the industrial work market: Cover all the bases; make the process seamless; emphasize the after-market with socks and insoles, and take employers out of the shoe business. Read the full story.

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