Comfort Zone
Footwear execs weigh in on business and style trends. Plus: Fall 2018 offers a look for every like.

Boot Book
A round-up of runway ready boots in the work, outdoor, rain and tactical categories.
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January / February 2017
Ubiquitous boots
The all-around appeal of boots is undeniable in 2017. From casual to work styles, we’ve got you covered.. 

Smart Styles 
In the kids’ footwear world, tiny takes on grown-up styles are all the rage. Take a look at these smart styles.
Active Comfort
Brands are adopting and adapting athletic technologies, styles and designs.

Playing Politics
Brands are kicking up the color a notch in leather and suede offerings. Subtle, solid tones gain steam.
MAY / JUNE 2017
Knit in the USA
Make America Great Again? American-based sock manufacturers never stopped.

Activity Agnostic
Performance brands are making shoes  for a casual audience, but don’t you dare  call it athleisure.
Colorful Times
The comfort category is embracing color in a big  way. That much is evident  in these Spring 2018 styles.

Making E-Comm Work
Three independent shops share how they are not only surviving the e-comm revolution, they’re making  it work for them.
September / october 2017
Universal Standard
In our cover story photo shoot, consumers embrace and showcase the gender neutral trend in footwear.

Gold Medal Awards
Footwear Insight’s exclusive ratings of the top sit-and-fit retailers in America.
NOVEmber / DECEMber 2017
Modern Prep
The country club style comes
of age in Spring 2018 footwear offerings, with a modern

Work Style
Retailers take note: dollars are flowing into the occupational footwear category.
January 2016
Boot Book 
Work boots have morphed into high-tech performers that work both on the job or off the clock. 

Tonal Trends 
Brands are kicking up the color a notch in leather and suede offerings. Subtle, solid tones gain steam.
Big Ideas and Key Issues
What will drive the
discussion for everyone
in the year ahead?

Dick’s Sporting Goods is
testing a full-service concept
in Las Vegas. We take a visit and report back.
MARch / APRil 2016
Sole Searching
Forget uppers. It’s all about the sole nowadays as brands focus on new designs underfoot.

Going Retro
It’s a footwear fast-forward as brands get retro with modern twists on classic sneaker styles.
MAY / JUNe 2016
Office Comfort
Getting serious at work doesn’t mean we can’t also have comfort and style in our “office” shoes.

Fitness Trends
Bye-bye stilettos. Women are making stylish sneakers their go-to shoe for everyday wear.
JULy / AUGust 2016
Casual Tech
Athletic footwear keeps pace with fitness consumers who love style as much as performance.

The Boot Book
Traditional work boots are evolving and channeling their inner sneakers.
SEPtember / OCTober 2016
In The Closet
These Spring 2017 shoe styles present consumers with something they don’t already have in their closets.

Gold Medal Awards
Footwear Insight’s exclusive ratings of the best sit-and-fit retailers in America.
NOVember / DECember 2016
Shoe Dogs.
Footwear Insight offers up our listing of the footwear industry’s “greatest shoe dogs of all time.”

Work It
Brands share how they are “making it work” in the hospitality, healthcare and light duty segments.